Thursday, 14 April 2016


WALT:Retell a past event.
Wilf:correct sequence of events.

No school work today were cooking ‘’Miss Wihongi’’ said happily.
Finally I thought to myself.I love eating apple crumble.

Miss called my name. I rushed to the back of the classroom and shoved on the soft blue latex gloves.

I clutched a green blunt potato peeler from the mound of peeler's. I held my Ripe looking apple
In my other hand.I began to peel. Yay all of the skin is off.I swiftly sliced my apple into four little quarters then cored it,I began to slice my it into pieces.

I loaded my heap of apple into the marae style pot.Its ready to stew.Over to the staff room we swiftly ran.I mixed sugar and butter together then the flour.It looked like dirty looking bread crumbs. I evenly sprinkled bread crumbs on top of the stewed apples.I slashed it into the blazing hot oven.The bubbles reminded me of a spa pool.’’Its ready whanau ‘’Haere mai ki te kai’’Miss Wihongi shouted.I ran to get a bowl,then waited for everyone else.I scooped up a massive mouthful of apple crumble. I thought what a wonderful school day.