Tuesday, 3 May 2016


For reading we are learning about the importance of MAKING CONNECTIONS!
Making Connections helps us to link what we already know about the topic to the text...
Topic: Paua

😄 Text-to-Self connections… Connections to your own life experiences:black seafood slimy strong shell                                                                yummy ocean NZ coast rocks sweet paua and cream delicious diving chewy colourful shell

Books, Library, EducationText-to- text connections to other books or movies:Black Gold abalone wars kai time life love nature marae kai masters my kitchen rules cams kai Animal channel.
Free stock photo: World, Text-to--world… Connections to what you know about the world or your community.
NZ-called paua rest of the world -abalone coastlines eat them all in countries limit-Quota -protect paua for the future illegal to dive with bottles.
Better/bigger and more in colder waters